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"Love is a four-legged word" (Author unknown)

I love this quote. Thank you to whoever phrased it. Every time I look at images of this beautiful elderly gentleman named Milo it is this quote that comes to mind. I’m also filled with bittersweet emotions because Milo has now crossed the rainbow bridge.

Milo not only brought immeasurable joy to his owner Maha, but delighted the neighbours in his street when on his daily walks. Everyone knew him, and everyone stopped by to say hi to this sweet senior boy.

Maha adopted this Golden Retriever/Yorkshire Terrier Mix – or ‘Disney Dog’ as his vet called him - about 5 years prior after seeing a post on Instagram about a 10 year old dog that had been neglected and suffering from a number of health issues. Adopting a dog for a first-time owner is often not easy, and for Maha this was particularly difficult as she struggled with a phobia of animals. But having always loved dogs, bringing beautiful Milo into her life helped her overcome this phobia. In Maha’s words “I got lucky because maybe we were always supposed to end up together.” Maha says her life was changed completely by Milo, and that she couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, confident, playful, funny and loving dog. Milo still celebrated his 15th birthday with his wonderful fur parent, and has now crossed the rainbow bridge.

Milo – we love you, and your street will forever miss seeing you on your little walk. May you find a wonderful world of furry friends, unlimited treats and young limbs to run across green, grassy fields on the ‘other side’.

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