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Each pet is unique; some are shy, some are bold, some are playful and others are couch potatoes.  Many are rescues and their stories are told through their eyes, and others have known only a comfy bed, a belly full of food and an abundance of love.   They love you unconditionally with their loyal heart, and will forever leave a mark on your life.


Let me create images that will have a special meaning to you, keep your memories alive and deserve a place in your home  

Your Experience

Your photography experience begins with a creative meeting or phone call during which I discover a little more about your pet and what is important to you in your photographs.


Sessions can take place in your home, your garden, in a park, on a dog friendly beach or the desert and the emphasis is on having fun and being comfortable, for both you and your pet.  No session will ever be the same as your pet will lead the shoot.  My aim is to capture your pets unique personality in natural and beautiful images.  Don't worry if your dog can't be off leash, safety is priority, and I simply remove the leash during editing.  Check out an example of 'before's and after's' on home page.


After our shoot, we will meet again to enjoy an image reveal.  This is the time you select your favourite images and decide upon your beautiful artwork.


"The pictures are amazing, thank you so so much.  I can't get enough of them.  The emotions captured are beautiful and that's all I wanted."


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